Every Home Sale Has a Story

Every Home Sale Has a Story

Every Home Sale Has a StoryLong ago, I realized I love houses.

I mean….

I REALLY  love houses! 

If I had the resources and ability to buy any house (without my husband’s consent), I think I might own over 200 homes. I love their quirks and unique characteristics.

They have history and the influence of those who have lived there before, but also the imprint of those who conceived the house, worked on creating and maintaining over the years.

Crafting it from vision to reality.

But then people move out, new people move in and the story changes and evolves.

Houses have stories and listings have stories

And when it’s time for owners to move on to their next Chapter, the listing becomes a sale with new characters and that becomes a whole new story.

The house has seen good times and bad, been bathed in emotions and stands as a faithful soldier ready for the next tour.

More and more lately, I find myself thinking of the story of every sale I’m lucky enough to be a part of…. The needs and wants of the owners. The yearning and fears of the buyers. The protagonists and the antagonists (the list is long on this one, just sayin’!) and of course, the ending.

Every Home Sale does have a story. And I love telling them.

I’ll be sharing more soon here and on Instagram #everyhomesalehasastory


I’d love to hear about yours.