2010-02-17 22.38.39

Feeling 10 Feet Tall

2010-02-17 22.38.39It was a gorgeous day weather-wise here in Seattle yesterday. On the first day of Spring 2010, we had temperatures near 70 degrees and sunshine all day long.

My morning consisted of reviewing an offer, presenting another offer and reaching mutual acceptance on a listing I’ve been marketing on and off for about 18 months. I then hit my favorite store of all time Trader Joe’s, had to cancel a showing because the house sold and then headed home to clean patio furniture, watch the Huskies cream beat New Mexico and then made homemade pizza on the BBQ for dinner.

It was a good day.

Um….did you happen to catch the middle of that recap?


I write that in all caps because yes, I am shouting!

The funny thing is, . I changed status in the computer to “Pending Inspection” at 10:30 am. At 6:30 pm, I received a call from an agent who wanted to write an offer and then at 1:00 pm today, I received a call from another agent stating she wanted to write an offer.

It’s one of those strange phenomenas of real estate sales, that when one buyer becomes interested in a property, another buyer wants to make an offer. In this case, the other two buyers (one of which has been watching the property for several months) waited too long and missed their opportunity.

In Aesop’s tale, the tortoise beats the hare.

But in real life, the hare usually wins…..not just because he’s able to move faster, but because he’s willing to move faster.

My clients have a good, solid offer, with two back-up prospects.

Moral of this story?

Enjoy the sun when it shines, and buy the house you want when you see it.

Or someone may beat you to it!