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How do You Live?

One of the more important parts of my job is to bring super excited buyers back to earth by reminding them of their original goals while looking for a new home.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the emotion of a really gorgeous house or a screamingly hot deal, but as with anything new, the novelty can wear off. And unlike a pair of shoes which can easily be kicked to the curb, a house is a major investment which is not as easily disposed of….in most markets anyway!

Your home should suit your lifestyle.

Some homes which look great and seem like the perfect fit just don’t live well. I find this often with model homes which are staged to hide the imperfections of floorplans or vacant homes which may not at first reveal a lack of wall space (no furniture to draw attention). An experienced eye, tuned to view the home through your needs, can pick up on these shortcomings. .

I remember showing a house like this a few years ago.  An absolutely adorable house but one which had the most impractical floorplan. As my young clients were ooohing and aaahing, I was bracing myself for “the talk”.

It goes something like this:

“I agree this is a really great house and the (insert latest cool feature) is beautiful. But let’s stop for a minute and think about this……. where would you put your sofa?

Where would your TV go?

And one of my favorite questions….where would you put your Christmas tree?

These questions can help buyers visualize themselves living in the home; coming home from work, cooking (or not), relaxing, entertaining….living.

Fortunately, my clients realized before I even had to ask those questions, that the oh so adorable house, just wasn’t practical for them or their future lifestyles.

When considering important “must haves” for your next new home, stop and think about how you live.

Are you a cocooning homebody?

The outdoors type?

Have a love of cooking and entertaining?

Do you spend more time in the Family room versus the Living Room?

Do you really need a formal dining room? Do you really want that huge backyard, or do you travel too much to be able to keep up with the maintenance.

An experienced real estate professional can guide you through the buying process so you are able to make an informed, educated decision. Sometimes, after still considering the practical side of a home, buyers are willing to concede on one or more of their original “wants or needs”. But at least they have stopped and made a conscious, informed decision…..just before they are carried away again by excitement.