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July 4th Reflections

I’m a history buff.

4th of July NW Home BlogThere’s a name for that, I just have no idea which “phile” category it technically falls within so I still say “buff”, although that, in today’s terminology … definitely doesn’t apply to moi.

July 4th is one of my favorite holidays for the aforementioned reason. I was lucky to have spent a few years of my youth within short driving distance to the Smithsonian Museums in DC and all things historical in Philadelphia.


Unfortunately we moved from Philly to Ohio right before the Bicentennial Celebration in 1976, but I was there with the Liberty Bell in spirit !

As I drive around this weekend and see everyone proudly displaying their Red, White and Blue, I get nostalgic about the history of our great Country and proud that we are united in honoring those who have contributed to making America the land of opportunity.

The foresight with which the founding fathers crafted the Declaration of Independence is awe inspiring.

Property vs Happiness

Did you know Thomas Jefferson changed the wording in the Declaration of Independence from “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Property” to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”?

I think about the impact of that one small change and the enormity of what it implies for us all.

We are entitled to the pursuit of Happiness, however that might look for each of us.



Wishing you all a Safe & Happy 4th of July!