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Selling the Homestead | Another Home Story

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Whether you’ve been following my #homesalestories series, or if this is your first one, you’ll understand why this one was so special to me.

A young couple buys a few acres early in their marriage. They build a solid single level home, thinking ahead a bit in that their Kitchen is a little larger than many of the era and also has a dishwasher. Large Laundry room with a 3/4 bath for him to use after working in the garden or with the horses and cows in the pasture.

Ironically, there had never been a washing machine, or a dryer in the laundry room…just a mud room for him and their kids over the years.

Gardens, flowers, outbuildings for tractors, fences and a barn for their horses.

Their house, after more than 50 years was preserved in nearly immaculate condition.

It was hard for the owners to let go, but it was time. I will never forget shaking the hands of the original Mr. and Mrs. and am so appreciative for them having put their trust in me to sell their “Homestead”.