Colleen Fischesser

The Slightest Adjustment

I took my very first “real” golf lesson last week. The instructor, Jodi, at Renton’s MapleWood Golf Course couldn’t have been nicer or more patient with me. Like any good instructor, she didn’t talk too much, only stopping me when she had suggestions and constructive criticism. That works well for me…I’m a give me the club and let me start swinging kinda-gal.

Colleen Fischesser As a NW WA Real Estate Broker, I like my independence. As a Franchise owner/Entrepreneur, you might say I’m that independent minded Broker on steroids.

I’m an optimist who thinks big and thinks ahead.

The real estate market in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area is beginning to show signs of recovery. Most of the Brokers I know are pedaling fast to keep up with offers and new listing inventory. As I meet with new clients and we begin to talk about their purchase or home selling goals, I find myself giving advice based on current market data as well as what I think is just ahead for us (an opinion based only upon experience and hypothesis, but hey, it’s what I’ve got so I use it!)

But lately when I’m asked by clients (and they usually do ask) “What would you do?”, I find myself not only considering present stats and future trends, but I pause to consider the brutal market years behind us before giving my answer.

It’s easy to get caught up in the optimism of a fast-paced market, but it’s important to remember how quickly things can change.

One of Jodi’s first tips was for me to keep my eyes behind the ball through my back swing. A minor adjustment, but one which made a BIG difference.

And there you have it.

While I’m not one to look back or “focus on the past”, I’ve learned it’s just part of getting better.

Now if my forearms ever stop quivering, I’ll be ready for another lesson.

Hopefully this time I’ll be able to focus on distance and what’s in front of me…..maybe a hole in one?

Told you I was an optimist!