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What’s Your Style?

Early in my real estate career my design style was easily influenced by the last beautiful house I’d shown, sold or previewed. I’d come home from a day of showing new construction (ever been in a model home? UGH!) and want to throw everything out and start over from scratch.

But since my market’s inventory ranges from modern new construction to rustic, rural properties I developed a bit of decorating schizophrenia. But with age and experience comes wisdom (so I tell myself) and I seem to have settled into a comfortable style. I recently took the HG TV Design Style quiz. It was fun, and although they label my style as “Classy”. I prefer to call it traditional; timeless pieces and classic colors, but always comfortable.

Although I still appreciate beautifully put together homes which are more contemporary or ecclectic, I’m no longer swayed by them to run home and redo the Dining Room….something my husband is very happy about.

Take the quiz your self: Find Your Decorating Style