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About Colleen

Over 27 years ago I decided to enter the Real Estate Industry because I loved the house hunting process and was excited about the opportunities and challenges presented by being self-employed.

I was bitten by the “house-hunting bug” as a young girl when I would go through the Sunday papers with my parents, looking for open houses.  My father, Mike McCormack was an NFL football coach and we had moved many times throughout my childhood before finally settling in the Pacific Northwest when he took a job with the Seattle Seahawks. After visiting the area a few times, my husband and I decided to move our family (at the time consisting of #1….soon to be #2 sons) to Seattle. We loved the the everything about the Northwest. From the clear crisp beauty of the Evergreens to the abundance of year round outdoor recreational opportunities. Having moved so many times in my life, I’ve come to view the house hunting process as an adventure of sorts. Although it can be stressful and inconvenient, I love the process as much today as I did back when I was eight!

More than anything, I believe my role is to serve as a real estate advisor for my clients…to offer advice and options in order for them to make informed, educated decisions.

If you have specific questions or need information about anything real estate related, please feel free to contact me by phone, text or email.

I’m happy to help!


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