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Guy Does Good

When I turned 30, I told my husband, “I’m a grown woman, I’ve been waiting for my own horse since I was 12! I can do this if I want to….” And that’s how we came to own “Sunny” our 6 year old Quarter Horse mare in 1993. We women have a way of getting what we want….and this great Home Buyer story brought me back to the early ’90’s when we were home shopping for the right house. One that would not only work for our family (3 boys aged 8, 6 and 4) but a place with plenty of room them as well as “my girl” Sunny.

Here’s the next chapter in my Every Home Sale Has a Story series.


In the aftermath of all the bids and contractors and processer/underwriting hoops in the aftermath successfully jumped through, this first time homeowner deserves kudos for having a dream and being dedicated to doing whatever it took to make it happen. Affordable acreage in King County is not easy to find, but this property checked most of the boxes….well, other than needing to be finished. Rehab loans are great in theory, but not easy in execution. This guy has lots of motivation to finish this project and has many years of happy memories ahead of him.

I do remember her looking out the back windows at the pasture and mentioning babies….just sayin’